A truly Christian education

For educators who work in Christian schools, the calling to teach students not only what the Bible says, but also how is ought to be the lens through which we see all of life can be daunting. Bob Dyer, Dean of Students and US Bible Teacher at Trinity Christian Academy in Dallas faces this challenge with his faculty. Discover how Bob impacts faculty, students, and parents through the resources of the Colson Center. Catch the vision for the generational impact of your gift.


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Colson Educators is a visionary partnership built to equip administrators, teachers, and parents with a robust Christian worldview

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Hope Always Course

Learn from Dr. Matthew Sleeth, author of "Hope Always" about how to be a force for life in a culture of suicide.

Colson Educators Program

The courses offered in the Colson Educators program provide K-12 students and teachers with the knowledge and practical skills needed to form their own Christian worldview thinking.

What Would You Say: Free Teacher Guide

Engage our “What Would You Say?” videos on a deeper level with our free teacher and student guides!

Colson Educators growth recap & goals

Waves of new students and parents are seeking out Christian education options. Every Christian school must be able to address current cultural issues directly and truthfully, providing a Christian explanation of reality to students and parents who may have never encountered it. View the Colson Center’s Year in Review publication to learn more. 

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