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Rage or accommodation- are those the only two options when Christians are presented topics like abortion and same-sex marriage in the public square? To Mitch Friedman, there’s a third way, and he discovered it through public faith resources of the Colson Center. As a local church pastor in Austin, Texas, Mitch has seen the impact of Colson Center resources on his own church members and wants to get them in front of as many Christians as possible.


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Believers are hungry, even desperate, for guidance from church leaders about how to live faithfully in this culture. The Church Affiliate program equips churches to not only address cultural pressure points, but to provide an even richer worldview to their members that can transform the congregation over generations.  

Church Affiliate Program

Christians increasingly find themselves confronted with an array of social, ideological and cultural challenges. Believers are hungry, maybe even desperate, for guidance from church leaders. Help your members develop a satisfying biblical response to cultural pressure points.

Missional Church by Darrell L. Guder

In this post-Christian era, the focus of the North American church centers on the maintenance of the institution rather than on God's mission. In this timely volume, six missiologists examine the church's loss of dominance in today's culture. Presenting a biblically based theology, they challenge the church to recover its missional vocation---here in North America.

The Church is Still Christ's Plan A

Jesus didn’t call us merely to embrace a set of theological proofs and wait for the end of the world. To be Christian is not just to believe in Him for personal forgiveness and meaning and then to live a moral life.

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