A robust faith for this time & place

Beyond seeing salvation as a merely personal or private matter, Colleen Wolford has a robust vision of God’s work in making all things new. Now, as she joins God in His work of restoration, she’s bringing others along with her.


Commissioning Believers to Engage with the World

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Christians Trained for Faithful Cultural Engagement

The Colson Fellows program exists to train Christians with comprehensive worldview training that prepares them to further the Kingdom in the contexts to which God calls them. In this 10-month course, Fellows-in-Training learn how to interpret both Scripture and culture and to understand how all of life fits into the biblical framework of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration. Through personal study, reading, webinars, and monthly cohort meetings, participants learn to see the world through God’s perspective and grasp their calling as believers in this time and place. The goal of the program is competent and confident Christians who participate in the culture with Christian truth, inviting those around them into the life of God’s Kingdom. 

Now, to equip as many believers as possible, the Colson Fellows program is being offered through churches. The Church Affiliate brings the same excellent content and rigor or the Colson Fellows curriculum to individual churches, equipping congregants with a cultural hermeneutic to help them interpret the world biblically and engage with the world in light of Christ’s comprehensive rule and reign. 

May 2023 President’s Report

We’re grateful for the ways God is using the Colson Center and our partnerships with other Christian organizations to help everyday believers live out their faith with clarity, confidence, and courage. To read about what God is doing through the Colson Center and our partners, download our May 2023 edition of the President’s Report here. 

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