An informed faith to choose adoption

Kelsey and Frankie Dame know what it means to align personal faith and public action, even in the face of personal suffering. Their deeply rooted Christian worldview prepared them to respond to the allure of worldly “solutions” with godly conviction and faithfulness.


An Integrated Faith for All of Life

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Trustworthy Resources for a Solid Foundation

Through resources like Breakpoint and podcasts like Strong Women and Upstream, the Colson Center provides everyday believers with practical resources to help them understand how to live as Christians in this time and place, whatever their context may be. Daily Breakpoint commentaries offer a look at today’s culture through a Christian lens, helping listeners understand current social issues and respond to them faithfully. Through conversations with a diversity of Christian women, the Strong Women podcast explores the multifaceted ways God uses women in the Church and the world to glorify His name and advance the Kingdom. The Upstream podcast with Shane Morris helps listeners cultivate a robust faith that’s rooted in historic Christian wisdom and that perceives God’s presence and activity in all creation—from nature to music to education and more.  

Through each of these resources, we seek to help the Church flourish and grow by equipping them with a comprehensive view of God’s work in the world and their place in His story.  

May 2023 President’s Report

We’re grateful for the ways God is using the Colson Center and our partnerships with other Christian organizations to help everyday believers live out their faith with clarity, confidence, and courage. To read about what God is doing through the Colson Center and our partners, download our May 2023 edition of the President’s Report here. 

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