Training the trainers

Michigan school administrator Kelly Dutcher knows that Christian education is an opportunity to see God’s presence and activity in all His creation. It’s about training students in worldview fluency so they can engage both faith and culture with Christian conviction.


Developing Confident Educators

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Cultivating Educators to Equip Students

There is no such thing as a neutral worldview. Young people today are educated and catechized daily by secular presumptions about the nature of gender, the source of right and wrong, and a slew of other beliefs that contradict the good and beautiful design of our Creator. Christian educators have the weighty privilege of guiding students not only to academic knowledge but to an expansive view of God’s handiwork and presence in every topic and field of study—from the divine orderliness in geometry to the intentional design of male and female in biology. 

The Colson Educators exists to support Christian educators in this critical task by providing them with easily accessible, on-demand video courses in Christian worldview. From cultural fluency to worldview foundations and specific social issues, Colson Educators’ courses prepare teachers to incorporate a Christian worldview into any topic and any grade level they teach. Through partnership with the Association of Christian Schools International, teachers can now receive CEU credits for completing Colson Educators’ courses.  

May 2023 President’s Report

We’re grateful for the ways God is using the Colson Center and our partnerships with other Christian organizations to help everyday believers live out their faith with clarity, confidence, and courage. To read about what God is doing through the Colson Center and our partners, download our May 2023 edition of the President’s Report here. 

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