Why is Critical Theory so destructive?

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How can we push against the destructive claims of Critical Theory?

In recent years, our culture has been overcome by a “Critical Theory mood,” assuming that we can group people into identity categories and determine by those categories who is right and who is wrong about nearly everything. Various critical theories—like “Critical Race Theory” and “Queer Theory”—have infected our cultural vocabulary through the academy and the media. Even more tragic is how these false ideas have infiltrated and influenced Christians, and how young people are having to face these ideas head on in their classrooms.  

Those who question the false ideas of Critical Theory are often accused of racism, homophobia, transphobia, and a hundred other things, or they are accused of “not really understanding” academic theory. As these ideas increasingly permeate our society, Christians young and old must be equipped to evaluate and address them from the solid ground of Holy Scripture.  

Thankfully, Drs. Neil Shenvi and Pat Sawyer have written the definitive analysis of Critical Theory in all of its forms, analyzing them from a Christian worldview. In their new book, Critical Dilemma, while being fair to the original sources and thinkers and acknowledging the injustices of the past, Shenvi and Sawyer reveal how Critical Theory wrongly defines the human person and the human condition. They rightly display the devastating impact these beliefs are inflicting on our culture. 

Shenvi and Sawyer explain how every form of Critical Theory shares four basic errors: 

  1. Reducing people to categories of “oppressed” and “oppressor”
  2. Assuming all systems with leadership by majority groups are oppressive 
  3. Privileging the lived experience of minority groups over objective knowledge 
  4. Working to dismantle systemic power by dominant groups  

The bad ideas produced by Critical Theory undermine basic Christian doctrine and society itself, especially in the areas of education, law, and politics. Because Christian ideas about the human person are true, they point us to a better way forward in understanding and reforming our culture. Shenvi and Sawyer help us respond to multiple forms of Critical Theory with God’s truth by pointing to reality and Scripture. 

Critical Dilemma is an incredibly important book and a crucial resource for parents, students, pastors, and educators alike. As a thank you for a gift of any amount in October, we’ll send you a copy of the book so you can recognize the false statements grounded in Critical Theory and respond to them with biblical truth and love.  

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