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Courageous faith for this cultural moment

“The work of the Colson Center is more important today than ever. I know of no other ministry more effective in the translation of eternal truths to today’s culture and training leaders in Christian worldview.” —Alan Sears, Founder of the Alliance Defending Freedom

Just three days before William Wilberforce died, the U.K. Parliament passed the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833—the result of Wilberforce’s long fight against slavery. In 1945, at the age of 39, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed. He never saw the end of the war. 

While Wilberforce witnessed a cultural and spiritual recovery, Bonhoeffer did not. And yet, neither man was a failure. The banner over both of their lives was faithfulness. We have the same calling that they did: to live with courageous faith where God has placed us. It’s the mission of the Colson Center to help every Christian do that well.  

God has placed all of us in this time and this place for a purpose. It takes Christ-centered courage to lovingly stand for truth rather than conform to the pervasive secular orthodoxy. These social pressures aren’t “out there” anymore.

To stand against the damaging beliefs our culture has embraced, Christians need courageous faith. But courage must be cultivated. The Colson Center exists not just to inform, but to help Christians cultivate a Christian worldview so they can face the unique challenges of our day from the unshakeable foundation of truth.  

We might wonder where our faithfulness today will lead. Like Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer, we don’t know the future of our culture. Even more, it is not up to us. As T.S. Eliot wrote, “For us there is only the trying. The rest is none of our business.” 

What is up to us is to courageously commit ourselves to truth and virtue, to love of God and our neighbors, and to care for the victims of bad ideas in this cultural moment. 

As we reach our calendar year-end, would you consider giving to help us equip more Christians with robust worldview teaching, so they can live courageously in this challenging cultural moment? 


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