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Be equipped to fight for life in this post-Roe, ideologically driven age. 

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Learn to uphold the sanctity of life in a new cultural moment. 

Fifteen years ago, Scott Klusendorf released his instrumental book The Case for Life. At the time, Roe v. Wade legally subverted the arguments about restrictions on abortion. Since the long-prayed-for reversal of Roe, we now have a direct opportunity and responsibility to influence our own state policies to uphold and protect life. 

But, in a culture that looks vastly different, we must know how to respond to familiar pro-abortion claims from over the years, as well as new claims that have spread like wildfire—like those of Critical Theory.  

In response to these dramatic changes, Klusendorf has comprehensively revised and expanded The Case for Life in an incredibly valuable second edition—adding eight new chapters and revising ten others. Klusendorf stresses five objectives, which make up the five sections of this new edition of The Case for Life:  

  • Clarify the debate – What is the abortion debate ultimately about? 
  • Address worldview questions – What beliefs, assumptions, and worldviews underpin the arguments both for and against abortion? 
  • Survey the major thinkers (an entirely new section)– How are influential, pro-abortion voices answering the critical questions, “When did I come to be?” “When did I get a right to life?” and, “Is abortion justified even if the unborn are human?” How do we respond to their answers? 
  • Answer objections persuasively – How do we respond to common responses to the pro-life argument—including women’s safety, tolerance and religious freedom, and cases of rape 
  • Teach and equip – How do we equip and collaborate with others in the pro-life movement? 

God has grace to help us live as Christians in this cultural moment. This updated, expanded, and timely edition of The Case for Life is one such means of grace to help us courageously contend for life in the place God has called us. Secure your copy this month through a donation of any amount to the Colson Center. Thank you for joining with us in upholding and protecting life. 

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