Go beyond inviting Jesus into your life, to taking your place in His.

We all want to understand God more deeply and become the people He wants us to be. The problem is we most often consider our faith a private matter, a personal relationship between us and God—which leaves room for a lot of uncertainty about how to tackle life and its challenges.

But in reality, there is also a public dimension: an explanation of all reality, in which our stories have meaning because they’re part of God’s Story.

Christianity is more than a relationship with Jesus. It is more than discipleship. It is a way of seeing and comprehending all reality.

-Chuck Colson



Gain a foundation for understanding all reality, through learning experiences that explain God’s story, your place in it, and how to approach life as a result.


Connect that foundation to the situations and challenges that you face in life, through podcasts and resources that walk through life with you and explore practical questions along the way.


Be equipped to pursue your vocation and responsibilities with increased wisdom and knowledge, so that you can better serve and impact others.

Every Christian can live like one

Learn how Colson Center resources equip believers to live with clarity, confidence, and courage in this time and place.

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Chuck Colson

Once known as the “hatchet man” for President Nixon, Chuck Colson pled guilty to obstruction of justice and served seven months in a maximum-security prison. Beforehand he had converted to Christianity after talking with a friend and reading C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity. Chuck left prison in 1975 committed to taking the Gospel to prisoners and their families.

When Chuck started the Colson Center, he recognized that U.S. churches were focused on evangelism but were missing the “cultural commission,” neglecting potential influence in the culture. Chuck believed in the importance of equipping every Christian to live like one. Every single day.

A life redeemed for God’s purposes

Learn more about our founder, Chuck Colson, and the origins of the Colson Center.

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