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Colson Center National Conference 2024

Colson Center National Conference 2024


Courageous Faith

Dr. Al Mohler, Rod Dreher, Fr Calvin Robinson... and more!

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The Colson Center National Conference is a gathering of people who want to be faithful in the time and place God has called them. Times like these require courage. As Tolkien once observed, we may wish we had lived to see different times, but wishful hoping is not a strategy. The real challenge is what we will do with the time we’ve been given and the place we’ve been called to. We can live faithfully right where we are because we know how the Story ends.    

At CCNC, you’ll find:

Answers – World-class teachers tackle the hardest questions you face, giving you powerful insights to help you see your challenges from God’s perspective.

Application – Intensive interactive breakouts allow you to spend extended time with Colson Center teachers, bringing those insights back to your personal goals and challenges.

Allies – Get connected with like-minded Christians–people who’ve been where you are–and get their perspective on the opportunities and challenges before you.

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