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Don’t let Easter sneak up on you. 

Amid the busyness of life—work, school, community, church … or anything that keeps us busy—it’s all too easy to let the Lenten season fly by without taking time to reflect, examine our hearts, and turn to Christ. Lent provides a unique opportunity to set aside that time—and how much better to do so in community with fellow believers! 

This Lenten season, join Sarah Stonestreet, Erin Kunkle, and the Strong Women community as we challenge ourselves to read through the New Testament together to seek God in His Word, practice the rhythm of repentance, and prepare our hearts to celebrate Christ’s resurrection with greater joy and thankfulness. 

If you think reading the New Testament in just 40 days sounds like a challenge, you’re right. But the practice of Lent—including the focused discipline of Scripture reading—is not to test our spiritual willpower or earn a Christian merit badge. It’s to grow in our dependence on Christ and shape our affection for Him through Spirit-empowered, Christ-centered habits. 

And if you’re worried about “failing” the plan, don’t worry! It’s not about perfection. It’s about seeking Jesus, arm-in-arm with your sisters in Christ. By taking on this reading challenge in community, we want to foster encouragement, endurance, and rich conversations about God’s Word. You are a critical part of this. 

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