S4 3: Before the Sex Talk With Linda Noble and Linda Stewart Part 2

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Our guests today are Linda Noble and Linda Stewart, affectionately called “The Lindas. I love how these two ladies in different seasons of life looked at the world around them and asked, “What is missing that we can add?” They tell us how they joined together to learn and then create something that offers a window into God’s design for sex, which fits into the larger story that He wants to be known by us, and He uses His creationincluding our own bodiesto pursue a relationship with us. I am excited for you to learn about how God has designed our bodies and our sexuality to invite us into a deeper relationship with Him. We must learn these big truths about God’s design in order to invite the young people in our lives to grasp the significance of the gift of sex within marriage. Without the big picture, this seems like just a rule to follow instead of an invitation to flourish.