S4 22: The Shocking Truth of the Gospel in The Man Born To Be King With Kathryn Wehr

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Do you ever wish you could have been an eyewitness of Jesus’ life on earth—to see His disciples, healings, teachings, and miracles with your very own eyes? Well, the prolific writer Dorothy L. Sayers (a close acquaintance of C.S. Lewis) wrote a collection of radio plays recounting the life and ministry of Jesus to offer a sense of what it would have been like to witness the Savior face-to-face during His time on earth. She titled this collection of plays The Man Born to Be King, and today we have the treat of zooming in on them with our guest, Kathryn Wehr, who has edited a fantastic edition of The Man Born to Be King. Join us as we dive deep into the plays, explore the theological truths they convey, and discuss Sayers’ three-dimensional representation of Jesus and the cast of characters surrounding His life, death, and resurrection. 

P.S. Tune in for an exciting announcement about our community Lent plan.